World Famous Vidalia Sweet Onions are exceptional grilled or baked on the outdoor grill. The same techniques we suggest here will also work in your broiler or oven, but without that fabulous, outdoor grilled taste. Here are a few ideas for you to explore, experiment with and enjoy.

Grilled Slices - Simply slice onions 1/4 to 1/3" thick and pre-baste with a little oil or Margarine or Non-Fat Spray. Then place slices on the hot grill. l-3'minutes per side. Turn with a spatula. The onion will grill & char some as the sugar in the onion caramelizes. Remove with spatula and serve. Excellent!

Grilled Slices - Same as above except put the slices on Heavy Duty Foil on the Grill. Same effect, except you slices will stay in tact and not fall apart or thru the grill slats. Sprinkle with your favorite herb.

Baked (skin removed) - Slice top and bottom off of the onion and remove outside skin. Place the onion on a piece of foil large enough to wrap the onion. Put a pat of butter or margarine on the top of the onion and sprinkle dill, thyme or oregano on it. If you don't want to use butter use olive oil and oregano and/or basil.

Then wrap and twist seal at the top. Place on the grill and roast until the onion will give softly (20 min.— 30 min) when squeezed in the foil. Remove, unscrew the foil and enjoy.

Baked (in the onion jacket) - For this technique, simply place the whole onion in the foil, wrap and twist top. Roast until the onion gives to a gentle squeeze. (20-40 min.)

Extra flavor will abound as the onion is cooking in its own natural skin. Remove when done, let cool to touch, untwist and cut the top off the onion like you would a pumpkin, pare down one side of the onion and peel back the outer skin and remove the root.

What’s left is a solid piece of roasted juicy onion. Butter, s sprinkle with herbs and/or parmesean cheese and enjoy!

Thumbnail Photo by bagaball/CC BY